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      If you’re reading through reviews to find the right doctor to help you with your breathing issues your search is over. Dr. Larry Wasser is an excellent physician. He is amazingly thorough and will track down what’s ailing you and get you on the road to recovery. I actually like going to this doctor's office. He is caring and knowledgeable and very easy to talk to and the staff is the same. So happy I found Dr. Wasser. I feel I can highly recommend without hesitation.

          -- Andy

      "I've been Dr. Wasser's patient for over 20 years. He pulled me through a very rough time when I first saw him. He has kept me in great shape since then. He puts his patients' well-being first and foremost. He is tops in pulmonary care. His staff is fantastic, both at the front desk and in the exam rooms. I consider myself very fortunate to be attended to by Dr. Wasser. I highly recommend him and his practice to anyone who needs the best of pulmonary care."

          -- John

      "Everything at each of my appointments is done very well. The front desk staff is very friendly and efficient. They bring smiles to their jobs and convey a very welcoming atmosphere to the office. All of the nursing staff are well-trained and efficient professionals. They show that they truly care about each and every patient."

          -- Jenny

      "Dr. Wasser has been my doctor for many years. He has provided the best care & treatment. I am especially impressed how he has worked so hard throughout the pandemic making sure all his patients are safe & well-cared for. I highly recommend Dr. Larry Wasser"

          -- Steph

      "Very thorough, with a genuine interest in improving ailments from a holistic quality of life approach. The staff is great and very thorough. Hard to find a staff and doctor these days that make you feel you are getting individualized care and that they are listening intently and examining your symptoms in depth."

          -- KS

      "After a long bout with Covid, the doctors advised me that I should get a pulmonologist to care for my lungs. After reviewing the practices with 1-5 reviews, I expanded my search radius to include Danbury, and 216 reviews popped out at me, and as I read them, I was delighted with what their patients were saying.

      I called and the receptionist was beyond pleasant, genuinely concerned about my condition. I explained that Covid beat me up pretty bad and she assured me they would take good care of me. And they did! The staff is enough to rave on about, every one of them. Kind, empathetic, and caring, then I met Dr. Wasser. In the nutshell, this is, THE Best practice I have been to in 25 years. I have already referred two of my closest friends to his practice because I believe their quality of life will improve from where they are now. This practice and staff are a blessing, and the epitome of old-school physicians and staff.

      I travel 47 minutes to see this doctor, and it is worth the gas and time."

          -- GD

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