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      Lung Nodules

      With the recent advances in the early detection of lung cancer and recommendations for annual screening in certain patient populations, the management of the incidental lung nodule has become increasingly specialized.

      Lung nodules, which are rounded or irregular densities noted on chest x-ray and CT scan, can be benign or malignant. They can occur as solitary or multiple lesions.

      The management of lung nodules is effected by many factors including size, presence on prior x-rays, age of the patient, history of tobacco use and prior malignancy. Although there are many causes of benign lung nodules, the early detection of lung cancer is paramount for improving survival. PET scanning is often utilized to help distinguish benign from malignant nodules.

      Our physicians have many years of experience performing bronchoscopy for the early detection of lung cancer. In addition, we have longstanding relationships with board-certified thoracic surgeons and oncologists if a referral is needed.

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